Samsung is working on an AMOLED 1000 PPI display

A few years ago, Samsung's department responsible for the development of VR-headsets talked about the need to create a display with an increased pixel density. This, according to engineers, was to negate the feeling of "sea sickness" and free users of virtual reality technology from other negative effects.

Approximate release date of the display - 2024. To produce the product will use an improved TFT substrate, which will help achieve the highest density of 1000 PPI. It is rumored that the improved matrix will increase the responsiveness and energy efficiency of the display, while at the same time the production itself will become cheaper.

According to the information of TrendForce, AMOLED this year will account for about 39 percent of the total volume of manufactured screens. In the future, screens of this type can successfully "defeat" LCD for smartphones of the lower and middle price category.