Scientists have proven that dark mode increases battery life by an average of 5 percent

Dark mode can consume the battery power of a smartphone more economically, but it does not provide any tangible advantage. A study by a group of scientists found that switching to a dark mode can save only 3 to 9 percent of battery capacity during standard device use.

During the study, the scientists tested the power consumption of three smartphones Pixel: the second, fourth and fifth generations, as well as Moto Z3. A special PFOP tool was developed for testing, and the test itself took place in the applications "Calculator", YouTube, "Maps", "Phone", "Calendar" and "News".

Of course, switching from the brightest screen to dark mode gives a significant increase in battery life, up to 47 percent, but almost no one uses smartphones in this mode, and therefore in normal conditions switching to dark mode can not have a significant economic effect.