Google blamed for slow operation of Pixel 6 fingerprint sensor

It has been less than a month since the launch of the new Pixel 6 line, but numerous Internet forums are already flooded with all kinds of claims and complaints from gadget owners. Most users complain about the incorrect operation of the screen, some are dissatisfied with insufficiently fast charger. Recently the list of claims got into the device fingerprint scanner, or rather its slow operation.

To Google's credit, its representatives did not ignore the situation, but noted that the scanner works within the norm. It is reported that the reason for not the fastest work is the improved security algorithm, which needs a little more time to work.

However, some analysts are sure that the real reason for the slow work of the fingerprint recognition system lies in the use of an optical sensor, not an ultrasonic one. However, sensors of this type are used, in particular, in OnePlus smartphones and demonstrate a fast response time.