Xiaomi has developed a revolutionary smartphone cooling system

It's no secret that under serious strain, modern processors heat up quickly. To avoid overheating, manufacturers are forced to use powerful cooling systems. Recently the Chinese Xiaomi has shown its developments in this area.

Loop LiquidCool is a condenser, vapor-liquid pipes, evaporator and compensation cavity and is based on the capillary effect. As the processor heats up from the evaporator placed on it, the coolant turns into vapor under the influence of high temperature and moves to the vapor tubes, from where it enters the cold zone, where it is drawn back to the evaporator and everything goes in a second circle.

The main uniqueness of this system is the effective separation of coolant and heated air. Xiaomi calls its technology the best on the market today. The company's first smartphone to use the latest heat dissipation technology will be the Xiaomi MIX 5.