Android 10 is the most popular version of the operating system even two years after its release

Google for a couple of years does not publish official data on the distribution of this or that version of its "robot", nevertheless, more or less accurate information comes from time to time. Thus, the other day Android Studio data appeared on the Web, which showed the true state of affairs.

The most popular version to date has become Android 10, since the official release of which more than two years have passed. If the source is to be believed, its popularity was 26.5 percent. Android 11, released a year ago, is more than two percent behind the leader. The top three is followed by Android 9 Pie, which is installed on 18 percent of devices. There is no information about the popularity of Android 12, but considering the aggregate results of the other versions, the distribution of the current version is far from ideal.

The version with the least distribution is Android 4 Jelly Bean. Nearly 10 years after its release, this operating system is installed on only 0.6 percent of smartphones.