Scientists have compiled a list of the most "difficult" for falling asleep social networks

A lot of people like to sit in social networks before going to bed, looking through the news and chatting with friends. We ourselves have noticed that such "sitting" prevents us from falling asleep. Having decided to look into this problem in detail, Sleep Junkie surveyed more than two thousand Americans and came to interesting conclusions.

According to the survey, almost 80 percent of Americans almost fall asleep with a phone in hand. This is detrimental to both the quality of sleep and sleep time. After all, the user deliberately and knowingly increases waking time, reducing the time to rest. Researchers went further and identified the most "hardest" for falling asleep social networks.

So, the most harmful for falling asleep was expectedly TikTok, on average after watching videos people need just over an hour to go to sleep. The second place with a little lag took Instagram, and the third place is taken by Snapchat. In addition, Twitter and Facebook are in the top 5.