The first HarmonyOS-based smartphone not from Huawei has been released

When Huawei representatives said that third-party smartphone manufacturers would soon start using HarmonyOS in their devices, many people shrugged their shoulders uncertainly. Apparently, however, that time is slowly coming.

The first HarmonyOS-powered smartphone not made by Huawei is available at online store. Gionee G13 Pro is a copy of the iPhone 13 and, although the gadget does not have close to the characteristics of the original, its cost of $ 83 allows you to turn a blind eye.

Externally the gadget almost exactly copies the iPhone, it has the same camera panel, the same cutouts and edges. Under the "hood" of the device is a 4-core Unisoc Tiger T310, the battery capacity is 3500 mAh, and the diagonal of the replica is 6.26 inches.