Racing on the off-roads - Asphalt Xtreme

After the release in 2013 of the eight racing series Asphalt Asphalt company Gameloft has released the Nitro, which was the first game with a new algorithm for data compression without loss of quality, and runner Asphalt: Overdrive. Now the developers have announced the imminent release of a new game in the series - Asphalt Xtreme. For the first time in the history of Asphalt races will take place exclusively on the road. From a short teaser, it is clear that in terms of gameplay will be like the Xtreme Asphalt Asphalt 8 on.

On Asphalt Xtreme currently virtually unknown. There is only one old enough screenshot, snared in the beginning of this year. Will Asphalt Xtreme on iOS, Android and Windows.
Гонки на бездорожье - Asphalt Xtreme

There is also information that Gameloft will release a single game in the series about the Asphalt racing motorcycles and Asphalt StreetStorm about street racing. The output of the ninth with Shockwave subtitle is scheduled for the second quarter of next year.