Razer Phone 2 uses a unique cooling system

October 11, Razer introduced the second version of its gaming smartphone. The cost of new items was 800 dollars. Recently, the famous youtube Zack Nilsson posted on his channel video disassembly of the gadget.
Among the innovations of the device, Zak particularly liked the processor cooling system used in the device, represented by an impressively large copper tank filled with liquid. When the processor of the device starts to heat up a little, the water in the chamber goes into a gaseous state and thereby removes heat. The usual cooling system is only copper pipes, in the Razer Phone 2 everything is done differently, but because the device remains cool, regardless of the load.
In addition to the unique cooling system, the smartphone is perfectly executed and the speakers, which have a hollow resonant chamber and can produce volume up to 100 dB.