Samsung has prepared for CES 8 new technologies

From January 8 to 12, the next CES 2019 exhibition will be held in Las Vegas. Samsung has prepared for the event fully armed. In a few days, representatives of the South Korean company will demonstrate 8 new branded technological developments.
Among others, the following solutions will be shown:

SnailSound special headset, which will enable hearing-impaired people to clearly distinguish sounds.
The application of augmented reality Tisplay, with which you can place any pictures, including advertising, anywhere in the crane and even on clothing.

Table lamp Alight, artificial intelligence which automatically adjusts the intensity of combustion depending on the level of illumination.
Advanced stand Girin Monitor Stand, improves the user's posture, adjusting the angle of the display.

News service PRISMIT, automatically finding information about everything that is reported in the news.
This and more can be found on Samsung’s blog.