Designed for mining HTC Exodus 1S will be able to work out its price in only 160 years

Six months ago, HTC pompously introduced the first smartphone for cryptocurrency mining. True, to fully work on it is not yet possible. The fact is that the official DeMiner mining application is still being developed and will be ready in only a few months.

Recently, analysts felt that even when everything starts, HTC Exodus 1S will still not be able to "make money" of the owner. After all, the daily cryptocurrency mining speed using the application will be only 0.004 Monero, which in turn will bring the device owner less than one and a half dollars per year and this is not a net profit, since the amount of electricity spent by the smartphone to work is not taken into account.

As a result, even a smartphone can work out its own cost in only 160-170 years, which makes it, to put it mildly, not the best farm.