MediaTek reduced the gap with Qualcomm

This year has been quite difficult for manufacturers, as well as for almost all areas of activity. The smartphone market recorded a decline of 26 percent due to the pandemic. This unpleasant situation and the sphere of chipbuilding did not go unnoticed.

Self-isolation, depression and closure of production resulted in a weak demand for smartphones, due to which the volume of supply of chips noticeably subsided. Under these conditions, Qualcomm has slightly surrendered its position, the U.S. company completed the second quarter with 29 percent of the market share, which is 4 percent lower than its annual rate. According to experts, the evil service and difficult situation between China and the U.S. has played a role, causing a 9 percent decline in shipments of Qualcomm processors for production lines of Huawei and HONOR. MediaTek, on the contrary, increased its market presence by 2 percent to 26.

However, experts agree that the chipbuilding industry will show strong growth over the next three years.