Xiaomi broke into third place in the ranking of the best smartphone manufacturers

Research agency Counterpoint summed up the results of 2020 in the field of smartphone sales. As well as a year before the primacy in this rating is firmly held by Samsung, smartphones which were purchased by 32 percent of buyers. Following the South Koreans is Apple, its smartphones were bought by 22 percent of consumers. But the top three with 14 percent of the market, doubling the volume of sales, unexpectedly closed Xiaomi, pulled ahead because of the problems of Huawei with U.S. sanctions.

Despite the pandemic, which seriously affected all spheres of life, including the mobile business, some companies, like Xiaomi, managed to show a very decent result. Thus, OPPO was able to raise sales volumes from 3.6 million smartphones to 6.5 million, due to which the company with 4 percent of the market rose to sixth place in the ranking. However, the most successful manufacturer of smartphones in the past year was a sub-brand BBK Realme, which raised its sales in 16 times, from 100,000 units to 1.6 million.