Android smartphones are spying on users 24/7

A few British researchers decided to understand the privacy issues of modern Android devices and have conducted their own investigation, the result of which was disappointing - users are under constant surveillance and the data is sent to the servers of Google, Facebook and so on.

During the study, experts tested four brands of smartphones: HUAWEI, Xiaomi, Samsung and realme based on both custom and absolutely official firmware. As a result, large packets of data were sent to third-party servers, regardless of whether or not there was a restriction on surveillance in the smartphone.

In addition, it turned out that encrypted data packets were potentially easy to decode, giving attackers greater opportunities for malicious activity. And clearing a user's account does not prevent the collection of data; in this case, the system simply identifies the user again.
In response to the study, Google issued a press release stating that surveillance is part of their work and is only conducted to improve the convenience of using a smartphone.