NVIDIA could not buy ARM, despite the agreement of the British chipmaker's management

For several months, NVIDIA has been actively trying to acquire ARM. As one of the British chipmaker's customers, NVIDIA planned to strengthen its position in the industry by making a big purchase. As an advance, ARM even received two billion dollars, but the companies were not able to complete the deal, regulatory authorities interfered.

According to the official press release, at the next meeting of the NVIDIA management, it was decided to stop work in the direction of completing the deal. The reason for the refusal was the strong resistance of the antitrust agencies of the EU, the U.S. and the UK. Regulatory organizations believed that the acquisition of the British chipmaker would have a detrimental effect on the semiconductor industry as a whole.

The cancellation of the deal has already made a number of serious changes in ARM. Thus, the place of the CEO was given to Rene Haas, who announced that the company plans to go public in March next year.