In the third quarter of 2018, shipments of mobile devices fell by 6 percent.

The international analytical company IDC on the eve published the supply figures for the world's largest manufacturers of smartphones. According to the information provided, world production in the current quarter fell by 6 percent and amounts, in quantitative terms, to just over 355 million units.
In many ways, such depressing results were affected by a significant reduction in the supply of gadgets from one of the world's leading manufacturers of mobile devices, Samsung. The South Korean company made a strong-willed decision to reduce output by more than 13 percent that year. In addition, the demand for products in the Chinese market has noticeably decreased, and therefore local manufacturers were also quick to respond to a drop in demand by decreasing production capacity.
However, some brands managed to show an increase in supply. In particular, Chinese Huawei and Xiaomi showed good results. However, it is not a secret to anyone that the current smartphone market is oversaturated.