The number of WhatsApp users has exceeded two billion

WhatsApp messenger has long been one of the most popular in the world. Many parents use it to communicate with children, company employees to create group chats, friends to communicate with each other. The application allows not only to communicate, but also to share voice messages and documents, and its functionality is constantly expanding. So, the Indian version of the program learned to block fake news and send and receive money transfers directly in the form of a messenger.
The other day, the official WhatsApp account boasted that its number of users exceeded 2 billion. Based on the fact that our planet is inhabited by approximately 8 billion people, we can conclude that the coverage of application users is a quarter of the total population of the Earth.
However, along with compliments, WhatsApp developers occasionally have to deal with criticism. Among the most famous messenger antagonists are Ilon Mask and Pavel Durov. The first claimed that the application was a security risk, and the second spoke of low protection of user data.